Industrial Technologies 2014, April 9-11 2014, Athens, Greece

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES 2014 9-11 April 2014, Athens International Conference Centre Megaron Athens, Greece The Industrial Technologies 2014 conference integrates nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced materials and new production technologies. The event offers opportunities for developing valuable research and industry collaborations, and showcases cutting-edge research, latest innovations and rising companies from all around Europe. The main topics include: […]

The Innovation Fund Continues to Support Serbian Innovative Enterprises

The Innovation Fund announced today support for 12 innovative projects selected for financing by the Innovation Fund independent international Investment Committee. To date EUR 6M has been dedicated to support 41 Mini Grants and 12 Matching Grants projects in the calls for proposals implemented through the Serbia Innovation Project. EUR 8.4M Serbia Innovation Project is […]

Innovation in Italy: programme and materials – Rome (Italy), 16 January 2014

The conference on “Innovation in Italy” was held at the Bank of Italy’s Head Office on 16 January, 2014. Innovation is an important driver for economic growth and, as emerged in recent years of recession, can be a critical factor of success for enterprises and for an entire economic system. In view of the serious […]

Jan 18, 2014 in Italy / National events
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Industrial Technologies 2014 – Smart Growth Through Research & Innovation Conference – Athens (Greek), 9-11 April 2014

The Industrial Technologies 2014 conference integrates Nano, Materials and Production technologies. The event offers opportunities for developing valuable research and industry collaborations, and showcases cutting-edge research, latest innovations and rising companies from all around Europe. The main topics include: European and global developments in the high-tech arena, Re-industrialisation and regional development in Europe, Technological and […]

Hellenic Innovation Forum, Athens Oct.7 – 8, 2013

  Greece in Transition Shaping an Innovation Policy for Greece Athens, October 7-8, 2013 The forum, organized as a multi-lateral venture, will open the discussion on Greece’s innovative future. The forum will explore best practices in innovation policy and identify opportunities to initiate cooperation between Greeks (local/diaspora) and non-Greeks (EU/non EU) represented by participants. The […]

Metrics of innovation: measuring the Italian gap

The paper surveys the literature on the measurement of innovation activity and evaluates the position of Italy with respect to the other major European countries. As a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, innovation has been measured from different perspectives: the environment in which firms operate, firms’ commitment, its outcome. Both traditional and new measures of innovation […]

Jun 24, 2013 in Italy
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PODIM Conference – Maribor (Slovenia), May 15-16, 2013

PODIM – this year in its thirty-third year – is Slovenia’s largest and leading conference on entrepreneurship and innovation. Every year it offers two days of intensive courses where all key stakeholders in Slovenian technology enterprise come together. Through a series of round tables, lectures and workshops held at the conference, well-known Slovenian and foreign […]

Serbia in the group of moderate innovators in Europe

Serbia is in the group of moderate innovators with a below average performance of the EU, but has achieved significantly higher growth in innovation than the average of 27 members, it was agreed in the European Commission’s “Innovation Scoreboard 2013″. Certain potential of Serbia lies in the funding and support innovation, while the weakness of […]

Mar 29, 2013 in Other news / Serbia
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Ferrari receives UK govt innovation in engineering award

The UK government has honored luxury Italian carmaker Ferrari with its Innovation in Engineering Award in recognition of the company’s excellence in its sector. The event, the sixth such edition, was organized by the British government and held at the Milan Stock Exchange on 25th of Jenuary. The award was presented to Ferrari’s chief engineer, […]

Innovation bill approved. Startups will be able to raise capital through crowdfunding

The Italian Parliament has approved the Digital Agenda package, a set of laws that aim to support innovation and digitalization of Italy. A large component of the bill is dedicated to startups and venture capital. Startups will be registred at specific public registries (mantained by the local chambers of commerce) and will be able to […]

Managing innovation – A factor of competitiveness in the global context

Abstract: In this paper, the authors highlight the importance of innovation for the global competitiveness index in the example of the European Union countries. Over the past period, the importance of innovation has been increasingly pronounced, which leads to a revolution in business and economy. Besides the success of knowledge-based economy, innovations also enable people, […]

Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2013 – Piraeus (Greece), July 17-19, 2013

International Conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (InMed-3) The KES International Conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (InMed-3) will gather a multi-disciplinary group consisting of researchers and engineers, managers, students and practitioners from the medical arena, to discuss the ways that innovation, knowledge exchange and enterprise can be applied to issues relating to […]

HORIZON 2010- The European Union’s Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2014-2012

As part of ‘sa €10.8 billion budget for research and innovation agreed for 2013, the European Commission has announced the final and largest ever package of calls for projects under the EU’s Seventh Framework Program for Research (FP7) worth €8.1 billion Euros. The funds are intended for innovation and finding solutions to modern societal challenges. […]

Nov 1, 2012 in Serbia
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Development of local initiatives to support innovation in Serbia – Novi Sad, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis (Serbia), November 1st, 8th, 9th and 15th, 2012

“Development of local initiatives to support innovation in Serbia“ is the topic of the workshops which the Integrated Innovation Support Programme will organise on 1st November 2012 in Novi Sad, 8th November 2012 in Belgrade, 9th November 2012 in Kragujevac and 15th November 2012 in Nis. The workshops are designed for local authorities, regional development […]

Oct 31, 2012 in National events
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The extended session of the Board of technological innovation and the Round table with topic “Innovation-untapped resource in the Republic of Serbia”

The extended session of the Board of technological innovation of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Committee on science, quality, education and management of the Regional Chamber of Kraljevo, in which they discussed many issues of innovation activity was held in the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo. The session was attended by the President of […]

Oct 22, 2012 in Other news
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Eurasian Forum for the Innovation and Internationalization – Verona (Italy), October 18-19, 2012

Since 2008, the topics of innovation and internationalization in political and economic spheres as well as new business opportunities are the focus of the Italian-Russian Forum: the bilateral meeting in Verona has been a platform for the development of institutional and commercial relations between Italy and Russian Federation for already 5 years. Organized by the […]

Water Innovation Awards 2012 finalists and winners

The finalists and winners in the Water Innovation Awards 2012 were announced on 9 October at a special gala dinner in Barcelona. The ceremony also included the presentation of the inaugural EFBW Award, which seeks to identify creativity and best practice in ‘Communicating the benefits of bottled water for healthy hydration’ by EFBW National Association […]

Oct 10, 2012 in Other news
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Mini Country Report / Greece, December 2011

Thematic Report 2011 under Specific Contract for the Integration of INNO policy TrendChart with ERAWATCH (2011 – 2012). Source: Download pdf

Oct 9, 2012 in Greece
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Science and innovation: Greece, OECD 2012

SCIENCE AND INNOVATION: GREECE Aricle IV.10 from OECD SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRY OUTLOOK 2012 (C) OECD 2012. Hot STI issues: Improving framework conditions for innovation. Making innovation a centrepiece of a competitive economy. Moving from brain drain to brain circulation. Download pdf

Innovation in Greece, Summary Report 2009

The study describes and evaluates innovation performance in Greece in comparison with European and other countries. The study is based on an analysis of indicators from three international sources: the European Innovation Scoreboard, the World Competitiveness Yearbook of IMD, and the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum. Source: Download pdf

Oct 2, 2012 in Greece
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“Greece Innovates”x2: the 2nd Applied Research & Innovation Competition

A competition becomes an institution when it is warmly received and accepted by the country’s scientific, research and financial communities:  SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and Eurobank organize the second Pan-Hellenic competition, “Greece Innovates!” in 2012. This way they continue the groundbreaking initiative they launched two years ago in order to promote research, innovation, knowledge […]

Oct 2, 2012 in Other news
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Rimadesio – Innovation from A to Z with a made in Italy label

A brand name with a hint of innovation. Because technology and research are to be found not just in the product but also in the management of spaces, the relationship with clients and suppliers and in the company’s organisation. So it is that Rimadesio, a company founded in 1956 and now located in the new, twenty-one […]

Sep 27, 2012 in Italy
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“Innovation starts with research”, interview with P.U.P.A. Gilbert, Italian physicist

In the world of physics, Gelsomina De Stasio is known by the acronym she uses to sign her studies, P.U.P.A. Gilbert. She has won numerous awards, including the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and introduced the use of synchrotron light microscopy in biophysics. A member of the “Italian Leaders Abroad” community of Aspen […]

Jul 11, 2012 in Italy
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Opened the sixth edition of Best Practices Award for innovation – Salerno (Italy), June 28-29, 2012

The Italian Best Practices Award for innovation promotes a culture of innovation with a format based on the illustration of actual case histories of companies in the service industry and manufacturing. An instant way to understand the effectiveness of innovation and stimulate demand for innovation among SMEs and PA. Born in 2005 in Salerno (Italy) […]

Innovation Made in Italy protagonist in Turkey

Esimple, creative studio focused on technological innovation and specialized in developing business-oriented applications using 3D technology, has opened its branch in Ankara, Turkey.The strategic decision, taken after a careful market analysis, sees Esimple ready to open for a dynamic market as the Turkish one. Official data on Turkish market shows a GDP growth by 10% […]

Jun 20, 2012 in Italy
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Italian Cultural Heritage Minister Ornaghi: we need innovation

“Precisely in view of the positive turn in the use of our Cultural Heritage, we need to hasten our innovation processes”. The statement was made by Cultural Heritage Minister Lorenzo Ornaghi during a Conference dedicated to the Cultural Heritage of the South of Italy organized by the PA Forum currently under way at Rome’s Trade […]

Trentino (Italian region) is once again an innovation and research-friendly territory

On day April 18th 2012 from 10.30 am to 6 pm is announced the inauguration of EIT ICT labs Italy in Povo,Trento. “EIT ICT Labs” is a new initiative intended to turnEurope into the global leader in ICT innovation. It aims to fulfill this mission by establishing a new type of partnership between leading companies, […]

Apr 27, 2012 in Italy
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Innovation in the public sector and the development of e-services – Urbino (Italy), April 19-20, 2012

The conference aims at an in depth discussion on the changing role of public sector in innovation, with a specific focus on the development of web-based services. This issue ranks very high in the political agenda of the renewed Lisbon Strategy and opens up novel challenges to scholars and practitioners. Indeed the introduction of digital […]

Makers Italy – November 9-11, 2012

Under the motto “Don’t be bored … Do something!”, Makers Italy arrives. The great Italian event dedicated to the “makers”, the creative and digital technology, the “garage innovators “, but also to all lovers of DIY (do-it-yourself) that, with their innovations and their new business models, are giving rise to what many commentators do not […]

The new “Italy of Innovators” edition started its work in Beijing on the occasion of the International Technology Transfer Conference 2012

The success of the “Italy of Innovators” in China is confirmed this year too. The new “Italy of Innovators” edition started its work in Beijing on the occasion of the International Technology Transfer Conference 2012 (26 March 2012), organized by CITTC, China Italy Technology Transfer Center. In the presence of more than 1200 delegates from […]

Cotec: annual report on Italian innovation – 2011

Italian investments in research and innovation suffered the effects of the economic crisis, but a new model of cooperation is starting to develop between enterprises, universities and research centres in our Country, and it represents a crucial factor for the future, according to Rapporto Cotec 2011 on Innovation in Italy, presented this afternoon at the […]

Apr 2, 2012 in Italy
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Design Innovation Competition

Business design and innovation through design is a way to answer the emerging need of innovation, coming from companies (most of them non-design driven), in order to face the current changes and the future transformations of today’s business world. Companies and institutions seeking for a change can choose from a wide range of methodologies to […]

How important is innovation for developing sustainable fashion?

How important is innovation for developing sustainable fashion? Mr.Stefano Cochis, CEO of Filature Miroglio, said in an a interwie for Bio-Fashion, that “Innovation is key and is asked by the consume. In order to grant to the sustainability a real impact it has to become a real business, not just an exercise in style. Today, a basic […]

Mar 20, 2012 in Italy
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Italian Innovation day 2012

Italian Innovation Day is an action oriented investors’ day bringing together the best of Italian technology and innovation. It’s a half-day event that features a showcase of the best Italian technology startups, stimulates networking and partnership opportunities, and attracts entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and mentors. And – of course – some great Italian food and […]

Feb 23, 2012 in Italy
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BICRO invests over a million EUR in projects as part of the EUREKA program

EUREKA is a European network that supports businesses performing close-to-market R&D. Since its establishment in 1985, substantial public and private funding has been mobilised to support the research and development carried out within the EUREKA framework. During the 25 years of its existence, EUREKA has helped European R&D to compete with innovations coming from other […]

Feb 20, 2012 in Croatia
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Report: The paths of innovation in the Italian regions (2008-2009)

The report “I percorsi dell’innovazione nelle regioni italiane” (The paths of innovation in the Italian regions), made by the Agenzia per la diffusione delle tecnologie per l’innovazione in collaboration with MET – Monitoraggio Economia e Territorio S.r.l., examines the historical evolution and current state of innovation, research and development in Italy. The survey is based […]

Jan 18, 2012 in Italy
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Report on Innovation of the Regions in Italy 2010

The Report on Innovation of the Regions in Italy 2010 (RIIR) was designed and built as a dynamic instrument to access data and indicators at the regional level that are the basis of interpretation and analysis of the Report. The objective of the Report is to facilitate, by means of dynamic representation, the display of […]

Jan 9, 2012 in Italy
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Innovation Forum: Italian Network Systems territorial – Napoli (Italy), January 26, 2012

Campania Innovazione S. p. A. – Regional Agency for the promotion of research and innovation, in collaboration with the Agency for the diffusion of technology innovation, fosters a day of discussion and reflection on innovation and competitiveness of the italian territories. The strategy expands the opportunities for collaborative action: work will be presented during the programs […]