Vladeta Marjanović, Chairman of the Innovation Fund’s Investment Committee: We are good at engineering, but bad at selling ideas

In about a decade, some of the family businesses in Serbia will grow into large enterprises which will make the country proud. However, in most innovative projects, the go to market and sales plan looks as if the Berlin Wall hasn’t fallen yet: we first plan on selling in Serbia, then the former Yugoslavia and […]

Green-Building and construction labelled equilibrium for a sustainable future

A different market approach that is the perfect synthesis between ‘for profit’ and ‘non-profit’ which, in this case, represents an interest that goes beyond the financial to encompass the environmental as well social benefits, to prove there is a sustainable future. According to the General Manager, Paolo Ronchetti, this is the hallmark of Equilibrium, a […]

Sep 28, 2012 in Italy
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“Innovation starts with research”, interview with P.U.P.A. Gilbert, Italian physicist

In the world of physics, Gelsomina De Stasio is known by the acronym she uses to sign her studies, P.U.P.A. Gilbert. She has won numerous awards, including the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and introduced the use of synchrotron light microscopy in biophysics. A member of the “Italian Leaders Abroad” community of Aspen […]

Jul 11, 2012 in Italy
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“Italy and China partners in innovation”, interview to Vincenzo De Luca, Consul General in Shanghai

The Italian economic community in China is very strong, but for 2012 we aim to do more by encouraging partnerships between small and medium-sized enterprises in sectors such as the green economy, design and life sciences. This was the comment of the Consul General in Shanghai, Vincenzo De Luca, in an interview in the “Shanghai […]