Minister Obradovic urged China to invest in science in Serbia

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Zarko Obradovic has called the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to consider investing in mutually beneficial projects in Serbia, especially in scientific and technological parks, which now establish in Serbia. Obradovic in Beijing to participate in a meeting on cooperation between China and the countries of Central […]

Antares Vision Receives €5M Equity Investment from Fondo Italiano di Investimento

Imago Technologies (dba Antares Vision Srl), a Castel Mella, Brescia, Italy-based company that designs, produces and installs inspection systems for the pharmaceutical sector, has received a €5m minority equity investment from Fondo Italiano di Investimento. The company intends to use the proceeds from the investment to increase its production capacity through the construction of a […]

BICRO invests 5.3 million HRK in the establishment of the Competence Centre for Renewable Energy

One of the main reason for Centre for Renewable Energy Competence establishment is to become a leading center for the technologies development based on renewable energy in Croatia. The project aims to stimulate the effective interaction between researchers, industry and public sector through thematic research that contributes to economic growth because they are directly related […]

Report: The paths of innovation in the Italian regions (2008-2009)

The report “I percorsi dell’innovazione nelle regioni italiane” (The paths of innovation in the Italian regions), made by the Agenzia per la diffusione delle tecnologie per l’innovazione in collaboration with MET – Monitoraggio Economia e Territorio S.r.l., examines the historical evolution and current state of innovation, research and development in Italy. The survey is based […]

Jan 18, 2012 in Italy
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