Social Innovation: changing contexts and open challenges – Milan (Italy), November 7, 20, December 4, 19, 2012

The Social Innovation workshop series, promoted by Avanzi, HUB Milano, Make a Change, City Monitor, Societing, Centro Ricerche IED, Universit√† degli Studi di Milano Bicocca and INDACO Politecnico di Milano, has the objective to contribute to the debate about the transformative potential of social innovation vis-√†-vis the changing political and economic contexts in Italy and […]

Social Innovation and Social Enterprises: The Italian Perspective

Social Innovation, generally acknowledged as the capacity to respond to emerging needs through new forms and/or models of collaboration, represents one of the fields in which the non-profit sector has demonstrated, mainly through its entrepreneurial wing, its distinctive and not residual characteristic. On the social level, and more generally on the economic level, innovation is […]

The challenge of social innovation. How innovative is the social sector? – Bolzano (Italy), September 27, 2012

Social Innovation is one of the key guiding concepts of European policies, particularly since the European Commission adopted the Social Business Initiative. What is the meaning and which are the main applications of social innovation? Can social innovation save Europe from its economic and legitimacy crisis? And what is the role of co-operatives and social […]