Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Belgrade in cooperation with the European IPR Helpdesk machine organizes free training in the field of Intellectual Property Rights

The strategic use and management of intellectual property, both in industry and in scientific research, it is essential to strengthen national and European scientific and technological base and increase the number of innovations, which subsequently provides the overall economic growth. In this context, the Horizon 2020 program, puts even greater emphasis on the strategies of […]

Conference: The Competitiveness of the economy – energy efficiency and advanced technologies – Belgrade (Serbia), 22 February 2013

Central European Development Forum, CEDEF, under the institutional auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Tehnological Development and in cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade will organize the conference: The competitiveness of the economy – energy efficiency and advanced technologies, on 22th February, 2013, Belgrade. Registration […]

Culturing Cells in a New Unique Bioreactor

At the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (FTM), University of Belgrade, a novel biomimetic bioreactor has been developed that is utilized for culturing cells, enabling operation in continuous regime and testing of biomaterials. Using creativity and engineering principles, the research group led by the Professor Bojana Obradović has successfully designed, constructed and tested the bioreactor […]

The Innovative Shipbuilding

PhD Endre Romhanji, professor at the Department of Metallurgy at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Belgrade has together with his associates created an innovative thermo-mechanical process for producing high-strength alloys, based on aluminum and magnesium alloys. The work of professor Romhanji and his team shows great creativity and progress in the field of […]

A Unique Catalyst for the Production Of Invert Sugar Syrup

Researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, have successfully eliminated the use of acids in the procedure of obtaining invert sugar syrup, by developing chemically modified immobilized invertase (called IHMI). IHMI is the first industry-usable catalyst of this type, avaliable in the global market. In the confectionery industry, white crystal sugar (saccharose) is […]