The aim of the FINNO project is to contribute to better productivity and achieve more comparable level of innovativeness between countries in South East Europe (SEE) region.

The project creates a communication platform of decision-makers supported by sustainable mechanism
for fostering innovation in SEE area, the FINNO Committee, a legal body providing governance level with constant and relevant policy recommendations.


Capitalisation of results

The project did not reinvent a new way of measuring innovation performance but rather built on existing projects, initiatives, methodologies and experience of partners and enable their transferability within South East Europe (SEE) area. Relevant findings were considered when analysing existing innovation supporting measures and developing Technology Innovation Assessment Scoreboard Scoreboard (TIAS) and Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) tool.

Partners were involved in several Objective 37FPCIP and national projects and we sought opportunities for capitalisation of existing results (e.g. modern evaluation practices in RTD programmes; methodology for creating support for technology start ups). In the Pro INNO project REGplus, aimed at strengthening regional innovation systems, AREA m had successfully worked on measuring regional innovation index on a smaller scale and their experience form the basis for leading actitities of development of common methodology and tool for measuring TIAS.

UEFISCDIMID PANNON and APERM were partners in 3 SEE projects in progress; FIDIBE LP was included as observer. Their results were used as input for the analysis of existing activities for supporting innovation in FINNO (SEE-IFA network: financing mechanisms for SMEs; FIDIBE: analysis of effectiveness of business parks for innovative activities in SMEs; INTERVALUE: possibilities of transfer of R&D results into product ideas).

All partners were involved in elaborating national or regional innovation strategies and were able to provide direct input for incorporating recommendations into national policy-making. As members of FINNO Committee they shared existing effective measures between SEE countries, and were all in position to enable that recommendations prepared would be considered when future innovation policies are designed.

Dissemination was focused on strategic (ministries) and operational actors supporting innovation, with tailored personal presentations, capacity building events and usual channels. Besides, dissemination was enabled through different networks where partners are members.

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