The aim of the FINNO project is to contribute to better productivity and achieve more comparable level of innovativeness between countries in South East Europe (SEE) region.

The project creates a communication platform of decision-makers supported by sustainable mechanism
for fostering innovation in SEE area, the FINNO Committee, a legal body providing governance level with constant and relevant policy recommendations.


Outcomes and durability

FINNO project aimed to create a sustainable mechanism to follow the new strategic innovation direction for fostering innovation in South East Europe (SEE). Strong connection between strategic and operation level actors was to be maintained after the project ends. This was ensured by the following main joint results:

  • establishment and functioning of the FINNO Committee, joining high-level representatives of partners and stakeholders who are strengthening innovation supporting environment in participating countries
  • incorporation of the jointly developed Technology Innovation Assessment Scoreboard (TIAS) methodology and Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) on-line tool into daily work of partners, enabling evaluation and improvement of their operations as well as benchmarking of SEE countries innovation performanceEN FINNO FC Action Plan Final
  • dissemination of developed joint project results between stakeholders in the already established (inter)national networks.

FINNO Committee was formed as a networking platform for stakeholders supporting innovation. Its functioning after project end was confirmed by the Memorandum of future cooperation and elaborated in the joint Action plan.

On the operational level, partners incorporated the method for measuring TIAS Scoreboard into their functioning. SAT tool would be applied annually also after project end, enabling evaluation of the impact of recommended instruments and continuous preparation of recommendations for policy-makers. On the long-term, the innovation-supporting mechanism established in the project would be maintained by functioning of the FINNO Committee. The methodological approaches developed would be further promoted by FINNO members. Since they are to be based on current techniques and methodologies, comparison to existing measuring approaches (e.g. EIS) was possible. Data is transferable to any country or region in the SEE area that is not directly involved in the project.

EN FINNO FC Action Plan Final

Analysis of TIAS in SEE_final

EN FINNO FC Cooperation Agreement Final

EN Finno Final Conference Press Material


FINNO_Joint State Of The Art-Analysis

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